ICME – what does it stand for?

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International Conservation Media Exchange

International Consulting Management & Engineering

Innovative Careers in Manufacturing and Exporting

Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

International Conference on Multimedia & Expo

International Congress on Mathematical Education

International Committee for Museums and collections of Ethnography

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Institute of Cast Metals Engineers

International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering

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The chakras, their importance, location and function in our bodies

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Chakras are centers whirling concentrated subtle energy. They are measurable patterns of activity for receiving, assimilating, and transmitting life force (prana) to the body and its organs, and they receive and transmit energy all the time.

When perceived clairvoyantly, chakras appear as a colorful wheel or flower with a hub in the center.

Chakras are located within the physical body next to a hormonal gland along the spinal column. There are three currents, called nadis in Sanscrit, which flow in and around the spinal column. The current on the left is called Ida, the force of passion and emotion. The current on the right is the Pingala, the force of the intellect. Chakras are located along the spine from the base to the top of the head at the places of the crossing of the invisible Ida and Pingala.

Chakras draw prana (life force, also called Chi energy or orgone energy) into the body from the Universe and distribute it to the physical glands and organs and through a system of subtle passages that run at times along the bloodstream and nervous system.

Chakras are related to the body’s endocrine system. Each chakra is thought to have an influence over the endocrine glands and internal organs in that part of the body where the chakra is located. Naturally their influence covers a much broader area that includes our subtle body, sometimes referred to as “aura”.

Yogis have used the chakra system for thousands of years as an integral part of their path. Every living being, including the Earth has chakras. There many more chakras within and around you. Most psychics are concerned with only the 7 major ones.

Some people are capable to see or feel the chakras. To try it for yourself, you can lie on your back and pass your hand over your front midline, from the pubic area to the top of your head, a few inches above your body. Very likely you can then feel the chakras as strong concentrations of energy.

Some persons can see the colors of the chakras with their inner eye.

The 1st Chakra (Root) governs Physical Needs and Security.

The 2nd Chakra (Sacral) governs Sexuality, Emotions, and Desires.

The 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) governs Power.

The 4th Chakra (Heart) governs Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

The 5th Chakra (Throat) governs Communication.

The 6th Chakra (Brow) governs Intuition and Reasoning.

The 7th Chakra (Crown) governs Spirituality and Understanding.